Tartuffe Molière Nicholson translation adaptationTARTUFFE
by Molière, 1669
Classic comedy of religious fakery.
[Toronto 2008 period dress, winner of 6 awards; 2011 modern dress; 2014 suburban Sydney, Australia; 2017 Toronto & Montreal]
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“Truth Hurts and So Does Love” Misanthrope Molière Nicholson translation adaptationTRUTH HURTS AND SO DOES LOVE
A modern prose translation of Molière’s 1666 classic of dark wit, Le Misanthrope.
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“Educating Women” EDUCATING WOMEN
from Les Femmes Savantes by Molière, 1672
There’s no fool like an educated fool.
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Cyprienne Divorçons Sardou CYPRIENNE
from Divorçons by Victorien Sardou & Émile de Najac, 1880 (adapted to 1921)
Vive l’amour! . . . Vive le mariage!
[2009 Toronto; 2013 Capetown, SA; 2016 Costa Rica]
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“What the Heart Wants” WHAT THE HEART WANTS
An evening’s trilogy of marital fidelity.
[2013 Costa Rica]
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Act 1
from Le Pain de ménage by Jules Renard, 1898 (one-act adapted to 20th C)
[January 2012 Dublin, winner of 2 awards]

Act 2      
from Villégiature by Henry Meilhac, 1894 (one-act adapted to 20th C)
[2011 Toronto]

Act 3      
based on La Parisienne by Henry Becque, 1885 (adapted to one-act, 20th C)
Be careful what you ask for.

“Perrichon’s Travels” PERRICHON’S TRAVELS
from Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon by Eugène Labiche & Édouard Martin, 1860
The effects of gratitude on the manufacturing classes.
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from Ma Cousine by Henry Meilhac, 1890 (adapted to 1921)
Tangos and triangles.
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"My Beautiful Career" Beauty "L’Institut de Beauté" Capus Nicholson translation adaptationMY BEAUTIFUL CAREER
based on L’Institut de Beauté by Alfred Capus, 1913
Paris, 1913.  One woman’s bumpy road to success, paved with wit and charm.
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“Country Wife” Wycherley “Restoration comedy” Nicholson adaptationTHE COUNTRY WIFE
a 2-hour adaptation of William Wycherley’s
1675 quintessential English Restoration sex comedy
[reduced royalties]
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