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theatre theater one-act ""David Nicholson" Should Old Acquaintance"Should Old Acquaintance
By David Nicholson ©
2 women, 1 man
Approximate time:  25 minutes
Also, a Monologue: 40 Years Later

theatre theater one-act ""David Nicholson" "Vice Versa"Vice Versa
by David Nicholson ©
From Villégiature (1894) by Henri Meilhac
1 woman, 1 man
Approximate time:  35 minutes

"David Nicholson" playwright translation adaptation theatre theater plays Toronto "The Colour of Grass" "Jules Renard" "pain de menage"The Colour of Grass
by David Nicholson ©
from Le Pain de ménage (1898) by Jules Renard
1 woman, 1 man
Approximate time:  35 minutes

theatre theater one-act ""David Nicholson" "One Rose, Two Thorns"One Rose, Two Thorns
by David Nicholson ©
from La Parisienne (1885), by Henry Becque
1 woman, 2 men
Approximate time:  30 minutes
Also: 6-minute play: Jealousy with a Twist

theatre theater one-act ""David Nicholson" Sinceres Marivaux "Really, Really, Really, Sincerely Yours"Really, Really, Really, Sincerely Yours
A timeless one-act comedy
by David Nicholson ©
from Les Sincères (1739) by Marivaux
3 women, 3 men
Approximate time:  45 minutes

Monologue:  I Want Madagascar Spices