Should Old Acquaintance

By David Nicholson ©
2 women, 1 man
Approximate time:  25 minutes

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theatre theater one-act ""David Nicholson" Should Old Acquaintance"Synopsis:

Joseph, 60ish and recently divorced, returns from a business trip to discover a voice mail message from Sherry, a woman he had known briefly – for a single night which began at a rock concert 40 years earlier.  His young neighbour Kleio nudges him to find out what it’s all about and he does. It turns out to be about a baby.  Sherry and Joseph both acknowledge the effects of guilt on memory and the resulting shared honesty strikes new sparks.

In December, 2015, Should Old Acquaintance was broadcast as a radio play in New York State.

Sherry’s ‘confession’ is also available as a monologue, Forty Years Later.  (Monologues are available royalty-free for auditions and similar purposes.  Contact me.)


Excerpt from Scene 3:

 (Several hours later. Joseph enters the living room, turns on the lights, deliberately leaving the door a few inches open.  He plunks himself down in the easy chair, tired but happy.  Kleio appears from next door within seconds.)




Just your average ‘boy meets girl and forty years later girl tells boy they made a baby together’ evening.








I know.


Was it a boy or a girl?  What’s she like – or him?  Oh god, did she want money?  Why is Sherry telling you now?  Tell me more!  TALK TO ME!


It’s not about money.


So what is it about?